Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How Did the DC Holiday Parties Turn Out?

Well this year I haven't spent much time on the holiday party circuit but I did attend three, so here's the rundown for anyone who is interested.

Best Holiday Party of the Year Hands-Down

ASAE & the Center's Yule Rock - Underwritten by Multiview, a publishing and directory company that services associations, it's nice to know someone had a fabulous year. Multiview shut down DC's Hard Rock Cafe, had a full open bar, two bands, and passed food all night that included shrimp shooters, scallop ceviche, and of course the classic mini-hamburgers.

Top shelf liquor for all. It was like a great wedding. Someone whose name I didn't know but who I've seen at many ASAE events, pulled me onto the dance floor before the rock band switched over to punk and we just went wild. Very fun.

My only critique - It was way too loud for networking - even in the far corners of the rooms.

DC Science Writers - At National Geographic which is always a great spot for a party. There's a picture of me and Santa that I've shared. I'm not that chubby really, it's an optical illusion. Santa had a Spanish accent, gave out awards and was very funny. The crowd was mostly freelancers and pretty welcoming. I had just joined. The food not so much - they had champagne glasses with mashed potatoes and stuff that you could put in a baked potato and that was the best of the party fare. Tasteless desserts. But it was cheap, and that was the point.

PRSA National Capital Chapter - Held at Carmine's and again reasonably priced except we had to pay our own bar bill. They gave you one drink but as a wine snob we skipped it. Maybe about 100 people came to the private room in the back. A good crowd. A diverse mix of mostly consultants but from many different facets of the industry.

Had a long conversation with a young women who is an analyst for a company called CARMA International - they evaluate the power and reach of your social media presence. I had never heard of them. About 10 people and they seem to really know what they're doing.

Food was garlic and fried overload, although I'd give the calamari a solid B. Carmine's has mouthwash in the bathroom which anyone who eats there desperately needs. We ended up having dinner afterwards, at a spacious upfront bar with inattentive bartenders.

Skipped The One Party this year, often very crowded, hard to network and filled with very young, very pretty people who are often being followed around by older not so pretty people. I usually feel invisible and last year heavy snacks were chicken wings. The other issue is it's supposed to be a conglomeration of several different organizations within communications and advertising, but it's usually just the ad people who go. Not sorry to have missed it.

Stay tuned for an update from the Twelfth Night party in January via Women in Film and Video. I have a feeling that will be a blast.