Monday, September 22, 2008

Updates from Advertising Week DC 2008

Update from Advertising Week DC, September, 2008

Attended our local Ad Club’s DC meeting last week and was surprised not to see more of you there. It really is a very affordable way to network and catch up on latest developments in that side of our business.

A few interesting tidbits:

Social Marketing - Leaders on a panel from Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn discussed Ning’s strategy of creating micro-groups and how that’s a direction they’re heading in.

Branding - The head of marketing at VW discussed how creating Max (a VW doubling as a talk show host – check out commercials where he does interviews) said developing a real personality for the brand was a great exercise in defining and embracing it. He recommended that others try it as a creative way of figuring out who you are and what you really stand for.

Creativity - A panel of creative leaders discussed the trend towards letting research dictate creative approach – and how it can stifle brainstorming. Use it as a starting point, not as a reality check.

Widespread Messaging - NBC Universal talked about its NBC Everywhere strategy that is highly focused on niche marketing and how it customizes material for hospitals, taxis and gas stations among other locations.

The Ad Club of DC says it will post information from the conference but doesn’t know when. Not exactly marketing oriented conference follow-up.

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