Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mobile Marketing - Not Just for the Young

Recent articles on mobile marketing showed that it's gone from fad to fact and that it's becoming a more accepted way to reach consumers. Some highlights:

A study from Azuki Systems profiled in a media research report found that over 54% of mobile users surveyed said usage climbed by more than 25% over the last 24 months. Twenty percent said it jumped by more than 50%. The report did not say how many consumers were polled.

How much time did consumers say they spend on the Internet via mobile phone?

0-2 hours 61.5%
2-4 hours 22.4
4-6 hours 9.8
6-8 hours 4.5
8-10 hours 0.8
10+ hours 2.1

A new Limbo-GfK Technology Advertising Report being released this week reports that mobile marketing is growing and expanding past just text messaging. Brandweek reported on the study. The survey was based on responses from 1,000 adults polled via the phone. It reported:

104 million people (or an estimated four in 10 Americans) recalled seeing an ad on their mobile device between July and September 2008.

60 million Americans saw a text ad, a 42 percent increase from just nine months ago.

31 million viewed mobile Web ads.

57 percent of men surveyed said they viewed an ad on their mobile device. The demographic is not as young as you might think - about half were between the ages of 35-64.

Another article on Barack Obama's use of text messaging discussed its reach to young consumers. It reported:

Text message reminders sent to young people on or before the day of the 2008 primary elections increased the likelihood that they would vote by 4.6%.

2.9 million voters were reached by text with news of Obama's VP selection - yours truly among them. This helped Obama collect millions of mobile phone numbers for use in his campaign.

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