Friday, May 15, 2009

TV is Still the Best Brand Marketer to the Young

Guess what? Youth are still watching TV, and using it to determine their brand choices, says a new study from MTV. The music video giant polled 8,000 12-24 year-olds around the world in late 2008. Yes it’s very self-serving, but there’s also a lot of good information in here.

The study, “A Beta Life Youth,” reports that one in four young people first see or hear of brands or products from TV ads. This is mostly true for technology items – like personal electronics – but apparel choices are also heavily influenced by the tube.

The concept of a “brand” has different meanings around the world. 50% saw a brand as an image for a product.

The study found that young people are most likely to have favorite brands, but the brand love only goes so far and most are also open to changing their preferences.

Young people trust TV advertising more than you might think. And they tune in to favorite channels on a regular basis. The data: 80% in US, 73% in UK, 70% in Germany and 88% in India. The Japanese evidently don't love their TV channels - only 38% of them said they have a TV channel they care about.

The vast majority of young people (69%) now research all purchases before they buy anything, the study found.

71% of study participants agreed that the Internet makes choosing a brand easier, while blogs, review sites and social networking sites are increasingly important in affecting brand decisions.

87% of youth in India research purchases before they buy, as do 80% of young people in Germany. A smaller number, 2 in 3, do so in the UK and US.

So it's critical for advertisers to integrate TV ads with online media.

Only one in five respondents said celebrity endorsement plays a part in brand choice.

62% of the respondents across the five markets agree that they watch more of a TV channel if the channel has a Web site that enables them to catch up on shows and that they prefer to see it from a TV channel’s Web site.

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