Monday, January 18, 2010

Maximizing SEO on Press Releases

I had a great conversation about SEO and news releases the other day with Michael Toner from Business Wire. Here are some tips.

Company name usage - Always use your company name in the headline but never the web address even if it's a web based company. It will search better that way.

When to put in web site address - The web site address should always follow the first reference to the company name in a news release.

Pointing out what matters - After the first paragraph add in 3-4 bullets of what’s important with your key words. It helps break up the text and with well chosen wording will help it search better.

Getting better tracking for your CEO - Your CEO or whoever is quoted should have their name hyperlinked to their bio on the company or organization web site. Reporters will click on it to learn more about you.

Code words and hyperlinks - Make sure you also create hyperlinks that match up with keywords that are important in your industry and heavily searched. Use them in your headlines as well.

Linking to your web site - Your section headings and text on opening pages of your web site should use the same phrasing as in your release. Also the coding should match up.

SEO word choice - Check the most commonly searched phrasing in your industry and pepper them through your release. Two ways to do this - you can just Google words you think will work and look at how often they are used. Or go to Google Trends and cross reference your words.

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  1. Thanks so much Aimee, I hope you are able to put some of the tips to good use. Let me know if I can offer any help in the future.