Saturday, August 31, 2013

Roth Partners True Lemon Campaign shows Perky and Quirky can Sell Out A Product Line

Sometimes an idea we think is kind of silly helps get potential customers involved in your brand promise. I was a bit skeptical about the magical fairy Trudy zapping away people's sodas and replacing them with True Lemon, a new lemon/water drink.

Trudy was quirky - perky - and a bit Disneyesque. But True Citrus, the parent company based in Baltimore, hit the jackpot with Trudy on Facebook and through an ad campaign developed by Stern Communications client Manhattan agency Roth Partners.

Here's one of the many stories we placed about Trudy. Shows that creativity doesn't always have to be smart and edgy. Sometimes it just has to be fun and work. True Lemon sold out over the summer after its Memorial Day launch.

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