Thursday, September 19, 2013

Put the Damn Cell Phone Down and Talk to Me

The more you blog, the more you condense, the more you message, the easier it becomes to read a converasation, know what's missing, and inspire a new line of conversation.

This happened the other day with me when a LinkedIn post entitled "What Interviewers Wish they Could Tell Job Candidates" had some very good advice but missed all the technology.

My comment, was about what you are supposed to do when someone reads texts while they are talking to you. Do you say something? Do you steam? Do you know they are sending you a message that you are less important to them than the phone in their hand?

This type of behavior from an interviewer is more common than ever and it's unconscionably rude. I tell my kids to put the damn phone down. But what do I tell someone I want something from?

Here's a link to the post and what was said.

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  1. Well, it is very important to us, that whenever we are talking to the person then we should try to avoid cell phone use as much as possible.