Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Death of Traditional Journalism - Not Yet

There's a new resource on what journalists think of the media's future a ""Digital Journalism Study 2010" from the Oriella PR Network. Some really good information is available in the study which is free and can be downloaded at www.orielladigitaljournalism.com.

About 350 journalists across Europe and another 300 plus in the US and Brazil participated. The study is annual so what I'm highlighting shows changes from 2009 to 2010.

Print media will continue to shrink - 44% agreed in 2009, 59% agreed in 2010

Editorial quality will continue to erode because of lack of resources - 43% agreed in 2009, 54% agreed in 2010

Dependence on PR for news will continue due to cuts in staff, etc - 34% in 2009 agreed, 41% agreed in 2010

Blogs will continue to lead the new media landscape - 40% agreed in 2009 and 46% agreed in 2010

Percentage of companies using Twitter feeds - 35% in 2009, 43% in 2010

People will return to reliable media brands because of "opinion-driven" journalism (they basically mean media for sale and/or Fox News) - 29% agreed in 2009, 42% agreed in 2010.

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